Become a CIS of Wayne County Volunteer.

Benefits for Students:   Students with volunteers support in their schools show: Improved grades, improved self-confidence, improved social relationships, higher test scores, higher achievement, better attendance, homework completion, and greater graduation rates.

Benefits for Schools:
Schools with volunteer support are able to provide: increased individual attention for students, extra hands on projects, stronger ties to the community, higher levels of parent-teacher communication, increased capacity to better serve a wider variety of youth needs, higher test/grade scores, strengthened programs, and improved student behavior.

Benefits for Volunteers:   Volunteers who serve in school enjoy: Increased time spent with children and community members, closer relationships between parents and children, improved communication, improved management skills, improved interpersonal skills, improved problem-solving skills, increased self-confidence, opportunity to meet new people, clearer understanding of school structure and curriculum, valuable job experience, opportunity to serve as a role model for students, and inspire, educate, and motivate future generations.

Be a Mentor.  Be a Tutor.  Be a Helping Hand.  Be a Hero..

The  Adults-in-Schools-Guide, was created in 2010 through the collaborated efforts of HandsOn Network and GenerationOn. The Adults-in-Schools-Guide will help answer your questions about being a adult volunteer in a school. Volunteering at a neighborhood school can be both rewarding and challenging but it is an experience you will cherish. You will witness firsthand the dedication and commitment of teachers and staff.  Contact the Communities in Schools of Wayne County office at 919-734-1432 to learn how you can become a CIS volunteer.  Below are examples of volunteer opportunities.

Assist in a classroom, coach a sports team, tutor, mentor a student, job skills coach, professional area coach, advise a club or create a club, crossing guard, parking safety volunteer, hallway monitor, playground monitor, computer lab volunteer, media center volunteer, storytime reader, one on one reader, garden volunteer, donation coordinator, school supplies coordinator, volunteer coordinator, organize a fundraiser, field trip chaprone, wirte a grant, attend school board meetings, read to a classroom, support the PTA, assist with the teacher’s classroom website, office volunteer, provide homework help, and organize special school or classroom projects.

Kyle Flood & Tricia Thompson of HandsOn Network;  Julie  Moriarty of GenerationOn; Bonnie Andrews  of Volunteer  Center of  Greater  Milwaukee; and Devorah Vineburg and Anne  Charneski of  Volunteer  Center of Brown CountyFor more information, check out the Adult  Volunteers in Schools Resource Guide.